Hotel Cordes sur Ciel – La Bastide de Cordes

Pierre Treilhes – Artist Sculpteur

Artist Pierre Treilhes - Sculptures - Exposition 2017 - La Bastide de Cordes

Creator’s rule: create something from nothing

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Here, the gesture of associating one object with another – just as the choice to do nothing about it and leaving the object alone in a given posture does not belong to an experiment of pure chance. It is because the artist is the bearer of past worlds, of an imagery that goes back to childhood, the whole identified with his experience and his personality. Each artistic achievement confronts a long period of survival with the intensity of a very short fringe of life, the one that requires its decision to make a sickle an appendix of a cock, a gear the coils of a shell ‘Snail, a horseshoe the soundboard of a violin. Born of what the artist has more buried and more secret in him, this short moment of creation where space and time abolishes consecrates its authenticity as a creator.

Skill of the artist, the tools, revised and corrected, beaten with embers and sparks, disappear behind the image they give to see. Each work, by its symbolic value, offers itself in fine as a form of communication freed from the days and places because it possesses this “nucleus of imagination and reflection” without which art turns empty. If we can guess the jubilation of the artist in the diversion of certain objects, we must admit that he always takes care to keep the humor on a leash so that the latter does not take precedence over the sculpture. One forgets then to the mechanism of implementation.


Some sculptures from the exposition in our hotel La Bastide

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Pierre Treilhes – Sculpteur

27 promenade de l’Autan | Les Cabannes, 81170 Cordes sur Ciel, France